Oh! the Lady Macbeth!

Tune: Allie Wrubel's "Lady in Red"

Oh! the Lady Macbeth!
There's no one as crazy
As the Lady Macbeth:
Mad as a hatter,
She'll splatter blood on your upholstery.

Oh! the Lady Macbeth!
The John Cam'ron Swayze
Of the Culture of Death.
Mother of Mary!
It's scary, when you know the whole story.

She keeps on tickin'
The names of all of her prey
Off, one corpse at a time,
She takes a lickin',
But never scours away
The one damned spot that points to her crime.

Oh! the Lady Macbeth
Is never so lazy
As to pause for a breath;
Constantly killing,
And spilling blood on the upholstery.
And that's the whole story!