Couldn't Ignore the Awful Odor Next Door

Tune: Tony Hatch's "Downtown"

Couldn't ignore the awful odor next door,
Because my townhouse stands

Started to roam. I left my BlackBerry home.
I'm sitting on my hands—

I've been around, and I have found that life is full of downers;
I've suffered through the Asian flu and seen The Out-of-Towners.
What can I say?

The world's a depressing place—
And, from reports that I've heard, things are lousy in space;
So I'm
Deeply dejected and
Just as expected, I'm
Boy, am I down on my luck!

Look at GM—when Fortune sticks it to them,
Then what does GM do?

Look at Macbeth—he suffers violent death.
I like his point of view—

I think it wise to recognize we're none of us in clover.
You're so naïve, if you believe you're better off than Rover!
Don't be a fool:

The world's a depressing place—
So give the bullet a bite, then be ready to brace
For your
Maybe you've dreaded your
Everyone's headed for
Ending up down in the dumps.

Oh, yes, indeed, the good succeed—but only in romances.
I wouldn't give an adjective for anybody's chances.
Bugger it all!

The world's a depressing place—
You greet the day with a smile and get slapped in the face;
So let's
Down tools!
Give up the struggle and
Down tools!
Don't be a Muggle—just
Down tools!
All it comes down to is [raspberry].