I'm Graduating in the Morning

Tune: Frederick Loewe's "Get Me to the Church on Time"

I'm graduating in the morning.
King Kong, the Borg and Harry Lime?
They never faze me.
Here's what dismays me:
I gotta get a job full-time.

Dad's given me a friendly warning:
He's not about to spend a dime.
"Toots!" he's exhorting.
"Be self-supporting!
You gotta get a job full-time."

So maybe grad school—
I'll go to Spain!
Some more semesters
Might defer the pain;

'Cause I'm graduating in the morning—
Ping-pong commuting henceforth I'm.
Yikes! Now I'm for it!
(Think: Little Dorrit.)
I gotta get a job—
Just like any slob—
A sho 'nuff,
Bona fide